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✿ over there

there’s a blue light over there in heaven there’s little Stevie too in his red shorts i could have made them blue Advertisements

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A bug, yeah, but a lady? Uh,

A bug, yeah, but a lady? Uh, don’t let yourself get fooled by names. That’s a walking painted fingernail, a cartoon come to life. A trusting soul that won’t sit still, and yet won’t fly away. An asker for something. … Continue reading

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Orgasm, Pleasure, & Western Culture (an excerpt)

the right reason to refrain from talking about sex is not that it’s so crude, but that words are In The Function of the Orgasm, the psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich wrote that the natural energies of humans ebb and flow on … Continue reading

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“Falling Into Art” (an excerpt)

“We are most nearly ourselves when we achieve the seriousness of the child at play.” —Heraclitus Central to our ideas about spiritual and literary authenticity, I think, is our old friend struggle. Whatever is “serious” must be difficult. The poet Mary … Continue reading

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