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My Second Book of Poems Now Available on Amazon!

I’m pickled pink to announce that my second collection of poems–fatter than the first–is now available on Amazon! I really love these poems and the way the book looks. Have a look at the link below! Though I may be … Continue reading

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✿ spaces

my poems say huge things by leaving them unsaid as we do each  time we speak

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✿ lessons from the inversion table

when I hang upside down i see that everything around me is different from what i’ve imagined we’re not pressed earthward, we’re all suspended and swaying and we walk on the sky

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customers throng

customers throng the shopping malls— monitored, tagged, their sneakers clean. it used to be we had the market-place. it teemed, you could get lost, tip over a giant pan of boiling grease, steal a chicken—and a toothless man would chase … Continue reading

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no one sells

no one sells their soul anymore. we make beet salad instead. selling your soul is better than not thinking you have one. i let mine go for a song.

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