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I am impatient with the notion that human nature, left uncivilized, is a brutal and immoral force. As though it is only an army of churches, jails, and schools that defeats our urge to stab a fellow bus rider for … Continue reading

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John and Paul

For my money, there is no greater miracle in the world than the music of The Beatles. Their records fairly burst with exuberance at the same time seeming flawlessly arranged; the melodies felt inevitable, as though they existed in the … Continue reading

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The Sun Said to the Desk Lamp

The sun said to the desk lamp: even from 93 million miles away I can still kick your ass

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“The most pervasive falsehoods are the hardest to see.” If faith is belief in what cannot be proven, then all human endeavor rests on faith. This is as true for science, mathematics, and every aspect of our personal lives as … Continue reading

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