dusk, the deck

dusk, the deck
of a Starbucks:
laptops glowing, 80’s
music drum-machines
predictably through
the speakers. when
suddenly HONKS

—no, squawks, no, noises

my eyes
skyward to three
Canadian geese
flying low.

a flash. a vision. a dream.
a huge fish breaking
the waters. then gone.

but the ripples call
to something gut
-ward, something the whole
body feels—Something

clumsy and pure, the story
of christ unadorned
by the church

years of waiting

it is
a reminder:
stay bewildered,
stay raw, stay loose.

stop naming things


About nosuchthingasastraightline

I grew up in tiny Lyme, New Hampshire, where I drew, roamed the surrounding woods, and first entertained the idea of God while listening to my mom's Beatles records. I studied biology at Harvard University where I wrote for The Harvard Lampoon and also began writing poetry. I have since made a living variously as a comedy screenwriter, teacher, and private tutor in math, science and writing. I’ve released three CDs of original music as the singer-songwriter and guitar player for Crooked Roads (listen to latest tracks here: https://soundcloud.com/crooked-roads). My poetry writing has been inspired by Rumi, Billy Collins, William Carlos Williams, e.e. cummings, Antonio Machado, Federico Garcia Lorca, and others. My two books of poetry, "The Morning I Married the Sky," and “Free this Morning” are both available on Amazon.
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