✿ i am a poet of male rage

i am a poet of male rage
how do i know this? easy
my male friend gave
his female friend and published
poet a poem of mine in which
a male discovers by
remaining quiet that
everything around him from
the bugs to the furniture is
f-ing with great
abandon and this
was her conclusion (i’m not
as angry now and so am using
“f” instead of the word
that always indicates male
rage even when those
involved are having lots
of fun) which reminds
me of the eminent hand doctor
in his eminent office who
diagnosed the pain
in my hands from playing
guitar as tendonitis leading
me to wear braces for
a year before a hunch (male rage?)
nudged me toward a chiropractor
whereupon i was healed
in a matter of days and not
from tendonitis now i saw
the plaques on this doctor’s
wall but haven’t read any poems
by this eminent published
and according to my friend
“smart smart” poet who
had read this one poem
of mine, so i told my friend that based
on what i’ve seen of her work i’ve
concluded she’s
a poet of very low output


About nosuchthingasastraightline

I grew up in tiny Lyme, New Hampshire, where I drew, roamed the surrounding woods, and first entertained the idea of God while listening to my mom's Beatles records. I studied biology at Harvard University where I wrote for The Harvard Lampoon and also began writing poetry. I have since made a living variously as a comedy screenwriter, teacher, and private tutor in math, science and writing. I’ve released three CDs of original music as the singer-songwriter and guitar player for Crooked Roads (listen to latest tracks here: https://soundcloud.com/crooked-roads). My poetry writing has been inspired by Rumi, Billy Collins, William Carlos Williams, e.e. cummings, Antonio Machado, Federico Garcia Lorca, and others. My two books of poetry, "The Morning I Married the Sky," and “Free this Morning” are both available on Amazon.
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